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Setup source codes locally

  1. Download the source code
  2. Unzip to a local folder. There are 5 folders: MoBuddyApp is the Silverlight client, MoBuddyCloudWeb is the Azure project, MoBuddyService is the WCF service, MoBuddyXPlatform includes some shared source codes cross platform, and Scripts includes one .bat.
  3. Open the ..\MoBuddyCodePlex\MoBuddyCloudWeb\MoBuddyCloudWeb.sln

 Use source codes

    Please update the App.xml with valid Facebook application key and Bing Map application key.

   <sys:String x:Key="BingMapKey">BingMapKey</sys:String>

   <sys:String x:Key="FacebookKey">FacebookKey</sys:String>

Deployment to Windows Azure

 The .sln is a Visual Studio 2010 solution, so it can be deployed to Azure directly by VS 2010. Please follow related instructions to deploy it.

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